Breakroom Cleaning in Webster Clear Lake

We clean break rooms, but if you do not have a cleaning service yet, arrange a time when everyone can work together to clean. Start with the counter tops in the kitchen. When was the last time they were cleaned and sanitized? Remove any crumbs, food scraps and other loose debris from the counters. Wash with hot, soapy water remembering to move items stored on the counter top such as coffee makers, toasters, can openers, etc. Rinse the soap away.

How about the refrigerator? When was the last time someone removed the containers growing mold on the back shelves? Empty the fridge of expired dressings, mustard, mayo, etc. Then wash the empty refrigerator with hot, soapy water rinse. Let it air dry, and then close the door, allowing it to cool.

We recommend that coffee pots, coffee mugs and other drink cups, dishes, and silverware should be washed after every time they are used. Make it an office rule that everyone cleans up after themselves on a daily basis, sharing the responsibility of cleaning shared items such as the coffee pot.

All around, a clean office kitchen/lunch room is a much more sanitary environment for everyone, and reduces the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses, as well as being less inviting to insects and rodents as a new place to live.

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